The SPARK Parenting Philosophy
 Values: Cultivating Character
 Life Skills: Preparing Kids to Succeed
 Memories: Weaving Joy Into the Family Culture



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The SPARK Parenting Philosophy: Smart, Purposeful Approach to Raising Kids

Smart parenting means…

  • Slowing down: embracing a slower pace; raising an unhurried child; getting more out of life by doing less; savoring your life instead of rushing through it; decelerating to connect with the people in your life; making time to relax, play, and dream; letting go of competitive parenting (fast-tracking your kids in school, sports, etc.)
  • Simplifying: putting more meaning into your living; saying no to things that aren’t important or in line with your values; living within your means; focusing on people rather than things; decluttering your time and space
  • Being present: living mindfully; purposely paying attention to what you’re doing right now; living in the moment; human being vs. a human doing
  • Finding balance: restoring and maintaining stability in all areas of your life; living in moderation; giving your life breathing space; self care for individuals; couple-time for parents; unstructured free time for kids
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Purposeful parenting means…

  • Determining what’s important: pinpointing the specific values and life skills you’d like to teach your kids; identifying the high-priority issues for your family, such as service, education or “green living”; figuring out what really matters to you
  • Creating a vision: seeing the big picture; imagining a better life for your family; envisioning what you want your family to become; visualizing a more meaningful family experience
  • Setting goals: crafting a plan for your family based on what’s important to you; taking steps to transform your vision into reality; setting objectives and deadlines for your family so you can track your progress
  • Parenting with a purpose: taking an intentional approach to your parenting; living an authentic life; honoring your vision and goals through action; cultivating a life of integrity

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