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As you explore this website, you’ll find lots of positive, practical ideas and resources to help you build a positive family culture, create a lasting legacy and equip your kids for success through more intentional parenting.

In the Resources section, you’ll find plenty of tips and tools to inspire you and jumpstart your efforts as you begin to embrace the Smart, Purposeful Approach to Raising Kids. Delve into helpful resources to make your journey easier, from printable checklists, tip sheets and bookmarks to family movie recommendations, age-appropriate booklists and helpful websites. Use whatever works for you.

Also, consider reading my blog to follow my own family’s journey with SPARK Parenting.

Finally, we’d like to hear what works for your family as you begin to slow down, seek balance, teach your kids values and life skills, create memories and live an authentic life based on what’s truly important to your family.  Please email us your tips and suggestions!



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