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 Life Skills: Preparing Kids to Succeed
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Life Skills: Preparing Kids to Succeed

   You might take it for granted that your kids will pick up all they need to know as they grow up, either through personal experience, school, church, Scouts, sports or wherever. But, as the media readily points out, kids often lack some basic skills, whether it’s how to communicate, set goals, manage their money, develop healthy habits or handle conflict. That’s where intentional parenting comes into play. When you take the time to clarify important life skills you want to teach your kids, you’re not leaving their personal growth to chance. To equip your kids with the specific skills they need to succeed in life, make a plan to ensure they’ve mastered these skills by the time they’re ready to leave for college or go out on their own. At SPARK Parenting, we want to guide you in your journey to prepare your kids to succeed. We’ll cover important life skills such as goal setting, healthy habits, money management, communication, conflict resolution, time management, media literacy and more. And we’ll provide practical tools, techniques and resources to help you teach these life skills to your kids. Learn. Live. Laugh. Repeat.


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