The SPARK Parenting Philosophy
 Values: Cultivating Character
 Life Skills: Preparing Kids to Succeed
 Memories: Weaving Joy Into the Family Culture



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   It takes a shift in mindset and behavior to transform your family life from one that regularly careens out of control to one that you purposely guide down a more meaningful path. It’s the difference between counting the moments until your kids leave home and making the moments count while your kids are still at home. At SPARK Parenting, we want to guide you in your journey and inspire you to take action. We want to help you identify your family’s values and priority issues so you can live an authentic life based on what’s truly important to your family.

   As you explore this website, you’ll find lots of positive, practical ideas and resources to help you build a positive family culture, create a lasting legacy and equip your kids for success through more intentional parenting.


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