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 Values: Cultivating Character
 Life Skills: Preparing Kids to Succeed
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Values: Cultivating Character

   At the heart of SPARK Parenting lies the critical mission of instilling values in your kids. You want to help your kids cultivate a strong character that stands up to peer pressure and some of the negative cultural influences that challenge them on a daily basis. You want your kids to grow up to be honest, responsible, respectful, kind adults. And the best place to learn about values is at home, because values are truly a personal issue. What you want to teach your kids and what your friend wants to teach her kids might be two honorable, but very different, set of values. At SPARK Parenting, we want to help you identify your family’s values so you can live an authentic life based on what’s truly important to your family. We’ll cover important values such as responsibility, respect, gratitude, honesty, kindness, courage, tolerance, compassion, determination and more. And we’ll provide practical tools, techniques and resources to help you teach these values to your kids. Learn. Live. Laugh. Repeat.

Articles on Cultivating Character
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