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Our Vision

SPARKparenting.com aims to:

  • Provide a retreat for overwhelmed parents looking to transform their family experience from a frenetic dash through overscheduled days to a more meaningful, slower-paced, purpose-filled family life.
  • Build family connections in a world that pulls families apart.
  • Offer practical ideas, tips and resources that will inspire parents to embrace the Smart, Purposeful Approach to Raising Kids.

What is SPARK Parenting?
SPARK Parenting means the Smart, Purposeful Approach to Raising Kids.

By Smart, we mean:

  • Slowing down
  • Simplifying
  • Being mindful
  • Finding balance

By Purposeful, we mean:

  • Determining what’s important
  • Creating a vision
  • Setting goals
  • Parenting with a purpose



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