About Us

SPARK Parenting aims to:


  • inspire you to embrace the Smart, Purposeful Approach to Raising Kids.
  • help you create a simpler, slower-paced, more meaningful family life.
  • help you put the focus back on the positive aspects of parenting – doing what’s right, creating a vision, instilling values, and living an authentic life based on your priorities rather than the crisis du jour.
  • give you a fresh way of thinking about what you want for your family.
  • guide you in building a positive family culture, create a lasting legacy and equipping your kids for success.
  • deliver positive, practical ideas to engage you and move you to action to help you cultivate family connections.
  • give you a good laugh as our own family walks the talk and occasionally botches our own best efforts.


Visit http://www.sparkparenting.com/AboutUs.html  for more information about our vision and what sparked SPARK Parenting.

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